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Computer Defined
Build a PC
 Inside a Computer
Input Devices
Output Devices
Data Storage
Logic Gates
Adam's types of computers
Operating System Sofware 1
Application Software
Research & Plagiarism
Data Base
Stock Control
Computer Maths
Computer Languages
Controls Systems
Data Types
Identify theft/loss
Threats to Computers
It and Crime
Intellectual Property & Copyright
The Role of the IT Professional

My name is Adam and this is my IGCSE ICT Website. Here I will store all my work. I like sport, gaming and eating. I don’t mind school but I don’t like homework especially essays. Sometimes I play tennis because I love the sport and I love watching it. For GCSE I chose ICT, Spanish Design Technology and Geography. I don’t like chemistry. My ICT teacher is an absolute legend. I like playing a cheeky bit of Fifa.




Syllabus - this is dated for the exam year

Scheme of Work - this explains when we cover the topics

Webpages - this file

Revision Checklists - this is list all the topics



Cambridge International Examination Board

Useful MOOC website for IGCSE students

BCS-The Chartered Insitute for IT

Link to your student webpages

w3schools - HTML & CSS turorial and help pages

Microsoft Small Basic - Python programming